Solid Advice On How To Get Rid Of Sleep Apnea

You’re already well aware of the destructive impact sleep apnea has on your overall well-being if you’re dealing with the condition yourself. Getting enough rest is very important if you are going to live healthier. There are a lot of things you will be able to do to help it. Keep reading for information that will help you handle your sleep apnea.

One way to fight against sleep apnea is to give up vices. If you drink and smoke, it can make your sleep apnea worse. Drinking can overly relax your respiratory system and may cause breathing problems. Smoking adds harmful chemicals which damage your lungs over time. Doing away with both of these bad habits will help do away with your sleep apnea symptoms.

One thing that affects sleep apena is obesity. So if you have sleep apnea, and you are overweight, then try to shed some of those extra pounds. Try changing your diet and ramp up your activity level. Some studies suggest that limiting carbohydrate intake can lead to weight loss, as well.

Try using a mouth guard to help you sleep. Specially made mouth guards are particularly focused for individuals suffering from sleep apnea. This can be an alternative to a CPAP machine, and can be more comfortable, to boot. Your airway will stay open wider and the guard will provide added stability for your throat.

Eating healthier foods can help you deal with sleep apnea. A lot of people are amazed at how a poor diet negatively affects sleep apnea. In past studies,it has been shown that those that eat improper foods have worse sleep apnea than those that eat healthy, but are overweight.

Sleep apnea can be present in children. If you child seems to be distracted in class, cannot focus, and is breathing through his mouth, then he may have sleep apnea. These symptoms can be similar to those of ADHD, so consult a doctor and consider both conditions.

A diagnosis of sleep apnea usually involves your personal and family medical histories, as well as a comprehensive physical examination. In addition, a sleep study may be required. Some doctors may send you to a doctor that specializes in sleep disorders. This is a specialist that concentrates on treating people who are having trouble sleeping.

If you suffer from sleep apnea, have a regular bedtime. Your sleep apnea is already affecting your sleep. Do what you can to establish a regular pattern to improve your health and feel less tired. Try retiring and waking at consistent times.

Some people have great luck with stopping their snoring by using an anti-snoring device they wear in their mouth while sleeping. Snoring can be a sign that a person has sleep apnea, and a doctor can tell the patient whether one of these oral devices will be of help to them. One of these devices, therefore, targets both of these situations. These tools may be able to lessen the symptoms of sleep apnea.

Stop smoking if you have sleep apnea. Smoking causes the upper air passages to swell up, which causes sleep apnea to be more debilitating. To quit smoking, try a smoking cessation program or use nicotine replacement therapy. After 30 days of dedication, you should almost be cured from being addicted to smoking. Beyond that, it becomes easier as your body detoxes from the nicotine.

A CPAP machine can assist you in sleeping if you do have sleep apnea. Sticking with a course of CPAP therapy is a lot easier (and your overall sleep quality will be better) if you’re getting a supply of air that’s properly heated and moisturized. Many CPAP machines come with built-in humidifiers now, so see if your doctor can prescribe one of those for you.

Don’t try to hide the fact that you use a CPAP machine to treat your sleep apnea. Inform people you are using it so you don’t feel awkward when you need to bring it out when other people are around. Undergoing CPAP therapy is an important step in preserving your overall health; don’t let inappropriate social pressure prevent you from getting the treatment you need.

Take action and find a treatment for your sleep apnea. If you don’t consult a physician about what you can do, your condition will worsen and may even threaten your life. Don’t hesitate. Your symptoms will only get worse. See your doctor right away.

Regularly consult your doctor when you find out you have sleep apnea. Your physician should provide you with ongoing support and treatment. Make sure you meet with your doctor after you try a new treatment for a month to touch base on your condition.

Sleep apnea becomes an even bigger problem if you are chronically fatigued. Sleep on a good schedule to address this issue. Go to bed and wake up at the same time each day without fail. This should stop sleep apnea from increasing to an even bigger problem.

If you have issues with poor sleep or waking frequently during the night, have your family doctor evaluate you for sleep apnea. Your doctor can prescribe the best treatments to decrease the symptoms of sleep apnea. Let your doctor know of every single detail so that he or she can give you a diagnosis. Once you know, immediately take action.

Sleep apnea happens when you do not get enough oxygen when you are sleeping. So anyone who has sleep apnea shouldn’t sleep at higher elevations. The saturation of oxygen at higher levels is much lower and can be detrimental to an individual with sleep apnea. If you can avoid sleeping at a high elevation, do it.

By now, it should be apparent that sleep apnea can be handled. Use the suggestions and information from the above article, and you can get the sleep that you have been deprived of. As soon as your nights are better rest, you are going to witness a new life.

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