Sleep Apnea Advice Straight From The Experts

People who have had sleep apnea a while desperately want to eliminate this terrible condition. What it comes down to is what you know about how to get rid of sleep apnea symptoms. The tips you’re about to read in this article will help you gain a better foundation when dealing with sleep apnea.

If you want real assistance with sleep apnea at night, talk to a physician about the optimal CPAP machine for you. The machine size and how loud it is are things you should think about. Some machines can be quite small and be very quiet. Your doctor will be aware of the best machines.

Avoid relying on sleeping pills. Just like alcohol, taking sleeping pills will make your throat muscles relax. In addition, sleeping pills can contribute to many problems associated with sleep apnea. Think about asking your physician about ways you can get to sleep that will not affect your apnea.

People who have sleep apnea should establish a sleeping schedule. Your condition is already messing with your regular sleep cycle every night. Do what you can to establish a regular pattern to improve your health and feel less tired. Try retiring and waking at consistent times.

Try losing weight to deal with your sleep apnea. Sometimes, sleep apnea is due to the excess weight around the neck area. Losing weight can significantly reduce the pressure on your airway and improve the flow of air as you breathe at night.

One way to help with sleep apnea is to quit smoking. Smoking causes your air ways to enlarge, and it makes sleep apnea much worse. You can use nicotine patches or replacement therapy to quit. The first month is often the hardest for most smokers. After that, the nicotine starts to leave your body and the cravings lessen.

You can help lessen the effects of sleep apnea by doing exercises which strengthen the throat muscles. When the muscles at the back of your throat collapse, your breathing can be reduced. Stronger muscles are not as likely to collapse.

Inform your airline that you will have a CPAP machine if you intend on taking a long flight. Almost every airline company will make the necessary arrangements to accommodate your needs. If you are flying a foreign airline, remember to bring a universal power adapter.

Do not procrastinate in searching for a treatment. Start now! Avoiding a visit to the doctor will only prolong finding treatment, and your symptoms can get worse over time. Don’t let time slip past you; take action now and you should find a solution to all of your sleep apnea problems.

Some types of sleep apnea may be treated by using corrective oral devices. It is not uncommon for people to have jaw shapes that create a narrow airway. A corrective device will alter the jaw alignment and allow greater passage of air.

Many people think of sleep apnea as a problem surrounding the nose, but really strengthening your throat muscles is the key. There are many exercises that can strengthen throat muscles.

Many people who have sleep apnea sleep on their back. If this describes your case, it may be time to change your sleeping position. Sleeping on your sides helps keep your airways straight, which reduces apnea during sleep.

Sleep apnea is always made much worse when you’re extremely tired each day. Make sure you stick to a regular bedtime and stay in bed long enough. Establish a routine bedtime and wake time so your body becomes accustomed to a specific sleep schedule. That is going to stop apnea from getting worse, such as having total insomnia.

Those with sleep apnea shouldn’t drink alcohol before bed. Alcohol relaxes the muscles in your throat and may put you into a very deep sleep. This does not mean you have to quit drinking altogether; just try not to have any before bed.

People who have sleep apnea probably have to always figure out new ways to get rid of it. Those wishing to stop sleep apnea symptoms must gain understanding and knowledge. New developments are being made on a regular basis to help treat this condition.

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