Pointers To Help You Sleep With Sleep Apnea

Has snoring led you to get insufficient sleep for a long period of time? If you have not seen a doctor about this issue, you might be experiencing a dangerous and serious form of snoring associated with sleep apnea. Don’t fret if this is your situation. This article can really help you out.

Ask your doctor for a mouth piece to help alleviate your apnea issues. If you have a narrow airway, recessed chin or small jaw, it is likely you have amplified sleep apnea effects. Custom devices that control the position of an irregular attribute that you possess can give you a great deal of relief.

If you are carrying a few extra pounds, it may be time to lose them. Obesity has clearly been linked with sleep apnea in multiple studies. If you slim down, you may see a marked difference in how your sleep apnea affects you.

A healthy diet can help you lose weight and combat sleep apnea. It’s surprising how much an unhealthy diet can affect sleep apnea. People who eat unhealthily tend to have sleep apnea more often than those who eat healthier.

Many people don’t realize that sleep apnea is not something to ignore and can be potentially dangerous if left untreated. Talk with your doctor immediately if you see any of the warning symptoms. After the diagnosis, you may be asked to take a sleep test, either at home or at a facility that specializes in sleep disorder testing.

Try sleeping in a different position (such as on the side) rather than on your back. A lot of people who have sleep apnea are back sleepers. Your airways become blocked when you sleep on your back. It is best to sleep on one of your sides or your stomach. Prop pillows on one side to prevent you from rolling on your back while sleeping.

The two main pieces of information used to diagnose sleep apnea are personal medical histories and a physical work-up. Also, there may be a sleep study performed and even a sleep specialist recommended if the doctor treating you feels that your condition is severe enough to get it looked at further.

If you need to be hospitalized for some reason, be sure that you take your CPAP machine with you to the hospital. It’s important to have your familiar mask and machine available in the hospital, whether you’re there for a planned visit or an unplanned emergency. This is preset to your breathing pressure. In addition, you’ll be using the same mask you’ve been accustomed to using each night. This will make your stay a little more comfortable.

Losing weight is a simple and proven effective method of decreasing your chances of suffering from sleep apnea. Symptoms of sleep apnea are completely resolved by many once they drop a few pounds. You can have relief from sleep apnea symptoms by losing as little as 10 pounds.

Quit smoking if you suffer from sleep apnea. Upper airways have a tendency to swell in smokers and increases the likelihood of sleep apnea. Try out nicotine patches or gum to get rid of your sleep apnea. Many people find the first month to be the hardest. Following this, the nicotine dissipates and cravings are reduced.

Sleep apnea is caused by many factors, but thankfully there are many solutions to this problem. This article taught you about the symptoms, treatments and prognosis for apnea. A good night’s sleep is on the horizon.

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