How To Get A Good Night’s Sleep When You Have Sleep Apnea

Lots of people are finding that they don’t sleep for enough time during the night but don’t think about how a sleep disorder may be responsible. Airway obstruction, which causes sleep apnea, is often the culprit. If you think you may have this problem, then continue ahead to gain some knowledge about the subject.

If your sleep apnea is a result of narrow airways, look at options for a mouth guard. Devices like these can align your airways properly to allow you better sleep. Ask your doctor about sleep mouth guards, and get fitted for one if you believe this could be the right solution for you.

Ask your doctor for a mouth piece to help alleviate your apnea issues. Sleep apnea can be caused by a genetically small jaw, recessed chin or a breathing passage that is too small. Mouth pieces can help align your jaw in the proper way, which will provide you with high-quality sleep.

Eating in a healthy way will help you drop weight and fight apnea. A lot of people would be surprised to learn that eating badly makes sleep apnea worse. Research has proven that those who consume low quality food demonstrate more severe sleep apnea than even overweight folks who eat healthy.

Try sleeping on your side. Sleeping on your back is more likely to cause snoring and apnea. When you sleep on your back it can cause your throat and mouth tissues to impede your airways. However, breathing is much easier if you sleep on your side instead. Support yourself with pillows so that you won’t end up on your back at night.

The most common way for a physician to diagnose you with sleep apnea is to conduct a physical examination and investigate the medical histories of you and your relatives. Your doctor may recommend a sleep study as well. When your doctor has this information, he passes it on to a specialist who can help you even more.

Avoid alcohol if you have sleep apnea. Drinking exacerbates the airway constriction of sleep apnea by causing the muscles in your throat to relax. Therefore, consider quitting your drinking habit, or only drink around 1-2 drinks each day hours before going to bed. This will help you know that alcohol is not affecting the quality of your sleep.

Sleeping flat on your back may worsen sleep apnea, so try to sleep on your side. If you want to prevent rolling to your back while unconscious, prop yourself up by sewing something lumpy into your pajamas. This makes it far less likely for you to revert to a prone sleeping posture.

People who suffer from sleep apnea, or even snoring, should consider learning to play an instrument. They can be enjoyable and calming, and it has also been been shown that constantly using them strengthens throat muscles and helps people to breathe more easily when sleeping. Taking up an instrument can help you with controlling your airways.

If you suffer from sleep apnea this is a good way to get better sleep. Be sure to keep regular bedtime habits and get the same amount of sleep nightly. As well, take out any distractions that your bedroom may hold like televisions and computers. If your room is not comfortable, you will probably have difficulty sleeping night after night.

If you’re certain you have sleep apnea, you must find ways to deal with it. Sleep is important to living a healthy and successful life. Use the advice you have read here to help yourself sleep better so that you can enjoy a higher quality of life.

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