Helpful Tips And Advice For Sleep Apnea Sufferers

Those who have suffered with the inconvenience and worry brought about by sleep apnea have long sought a definitive treatment solution. Research is the ideal way for finding help with treatment. Review the information presented here to learn the basics and get started seeking appropriate treatment.

Stop your destructive ways. If you smoke and drink, you are almost sure to suffer from sleep disturbances. Drinking affects the respiratory system. Smoking damages your lungs over time. Quitting both of these habits completely will really alleviate your symptoms.

Depending on the condition that is causing your sleep apnea, you may be able to find a simple tool to improve your sleep. These devices are designed to correct your airways and allow you to breathe properly during the night. If you think this will help, you should ask your physician to fit you with a mouth guard.

Do you regularly smoke cigarettes or drink alcohol? Quit these terrible habits. Your airways are significantly affected by smoking and drinking. Alcohol relaxes your airways, making them more prone to collapse, and smoking can cause them to swell, restricting airflow. If losing these habits is not possible, then at least limit yourself before going to bed.

If you have sleep apnea, consider learning how to play a wind instrument. Researchers in Germany found that playing a didgeridoo can train and strengthen the muscles of the upper airway. It helps to strengthen the muscles in the throat, which collapse during sleep apnea episodes. This means that if you practice regularly, you will notice a reduction in sleep apnea symptoms and snoring.

Avoid drinking much alcohol. When drinking alcoholic beverages, it will relax your muscles. People who are addicted to alcohol may learn that this is the cause of their apnea, and others who drink sporadically should know it affects them, too. Alcohol will relax the throat muscles, which ends up making it harder for the body to control the airways. If you are a person who needs a drink sometimes, then aim to not drink it very frequently. Definitely do not drink any immediately before hitting the sheets at night.

One of the best ways to lessen the symptoms of sleep apnea is by losing weight. A lot of people find that when they lose weight, they no longer have apnea. Losing even just five pounds can make your sleep apnea symptoms go away.

Use a single, average-sized pillow for your head at night. Your sleeping position can be affected negatively by multiple pillows or an over-sized one. Not only is this bad for your neck in general, it also restricts your airway. Use a single pillow for maximum relief from your sleep apnea.

Don’t go to sleep on your back if you have sleep apnea. Many people with sleep apnea find their airways block more easily when they sleep lying on their backs. Use pillows to prop you up and keep you sleeping on your side for the best results.

Certain tongue exercises can decrease sleep apnea symptoms. For instance, press your tongue into the roof of your mouth for at least three minutes. This will strengthen your throat and tongue muscles and reduce the chances of them relaxing while you sleep and blocking your airways.

Contact the airline you will be flying on if you are flying overseas and will need to sleep on the airplane. It is important that you have enough space for your medically necessary device. Remind them that you will need to plug your machine in, or you can use a machine that uses batteries as a backup measure.

Sleep apnea is stressful. Baths can help. Taking a hot bath can relieve the tension in your muscles. This will help you sleep better and you will get more quality sleep instead of worrying about sleep apnea.

If you have sleep apnea, take the advice of several scientific studies and try doing some throat exercises. This is because when you exercise your throat it become stronger, allowing them to let air through them easier. One good exercise involves pressing your tongue against the bony palate of the mouth and holding it for three minutes before releasing. Make sure you do this once during your day.

There are oral devices that can help in the treatment of some sleep apnea cases. This is caused by the shapes of people’s jaws, which can mean they have narrower airways. Using a corrective device can alter the alignment of the jaw while you’re sleeping, letting more air flow through.

Many people suffering from sleep apnea are aware of the long process of finding an effective treatment. It is very important to learn all that you can about sleep apnea and address it. By following the advice presented here, you can find just the right method of treatment for your sleep apnea.

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