Helpful Advice For A Sound Night’s Sleep With Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea can be an extremely dangerous condition that requires treatment from a qualified physician. Neither you nor your sleeping partner should ignore sleep apnea. Make it a habit to learn all the latest information about sleep apnea.

Learning how to play a wind instrument is something which can help ease the symptoms of your sleep apnea. A German study found that didgeridoo playing gives you better motor control over your airways. This muscle group manages airway dilation and stiffening. Because weaknesses in these muscles can cause apnea, playing regularly may actually help you sleep better at night.

Take back a good night of rest by side sleeping. By sleeping on your back, you’ll notice that your throat and nasal passages may become obstructed. Make a point of falling to sleep on your side and see if that doesn’t alleviate some of your sleep apnea symptoms tonight.

If you are not sleeping with a partner, then it’s almost impossible to determine if you’re suffering from sleep apnea on your own. One way to see is to set up a video camera to record yourself as you sleep. The video needs audio too so that the doctors can hear the noises you make.

If you suffer from sleep apnea, do not take pills. Pills such as these may cause a relaxation of your throat muscles which causes your airways to not function properly. Sleeping pills can actually really harm you and prevent any air from coming through your body, so stay away from them as much as possible.

Many doctors ask patients to keep sleep logs to help diagnose sleep apnea. Here, you will track your hours of successful sleep, when you awaken through the night and other problems you may encounter. Your partner can often say if you jerk limbs around, stop breathing for a second, or snore loudly. This makes it easier for the doctor to diagnose your condition.

If you are using a CPAP and experience an issue with your mouth opening during sleep, a chin strap can help. This is a small piece of fabric that holds your chin up while you sleep and keeps you mouth closed. CPAP can’t work with an open mouth, so try using this device to fix the issue.

Stick to one regular pillow for sleeping on at night. Your sleeping position can be affected negatively by multiple pillows or an over-sized one. This actually causes you to have more breathing difficulty based on your position. That’s why using one pillow may be the answer to your sleep apnea problem.

Try and lose weight because it will help you deal with sleep apnea. If your sleep condition is caused by obesity, weight loss may solve your problem completely. Pressure on the neck is reduced with weight loss, making breathing easier while sleeping.

Exercising your tongue can help with your sleep apnea. Press your entire tongue up inside your mouth, and hold it there for at least a few minutes. Doing this strengthens your tongue and the connective throat muscles; this in turn makes them less likely to relax at night and constrict your breathing passages.

Your sleep position determines a lot in terms of your bouts of sleep apnea. This is why it’s essential to sleep in a good position. If you must sleep on your back, elevate your head and the top half of your body slightly. Or, if you can, raise the top of your bed by at least four inches.

Try to sleep on your side instead of your back to relieve sleep apnea. Some people sew a tennis ball or other lumpy object into their pajamas to keep from rolling on their back. This forces you to lay on your side since it makes it tough to lay on your back.

If you suffer from sleep apnea, you probably have anxiety. As a result, try taking a relaxing bath right before you go to bed. A hot bath will reduce your tension and make you feel more relaxed. People who suffer from sleep apnea find it easier to get through the night when they take a hot bath or shower before they head to bed.

If you suffer from sleep apnea this is a good way to get better sleep. Sleeping at random times can disrupt your sleep, so go to bed each night at the same time. Keeping your bedroom environment as conducive to healthy, undisturbed sleep as possible is very important. Insomnia can occur if the conditions are poor.

This article gave you some ways you can deal with your sleep apnea. The idea that sleep apnea can be ignored is far from the truth. Be sure to share the information you find, as it may save a life.

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